The Late Bloomer Collective

My name is Cory Justice and I am the founder of the brand The Late Bloomer Collective.

A Late Bloomer is someone or something does not come into his or her own until after their peers. It’s facing the same themed problem repeatedly throughout life. It’s searching for answers for why you continue to fall into the same struggles, but it is also the resilience and the ability to get back up every time you fall. Your passion is your seed, ambition is your soil, consistent practice is your water and life is really about how many bees you can attract so that more seeds of inspiration can be spread in different medium.

This brand is to empower others. It is for those who persevere through their trials and tribulations to becoming their best self. I am a work in progress just like anyone else. There are various aspects of myself in which I had to uproot, plant new seeds of good habits and inspiration to recondition myself to operate in my gift. The ultimate goal is inspire others to GROW into their purpose operate in their gifts as well so that they can inspire others to GROW.

Welcome, to The Late Bloomer Experience!

Designer: Cory Justice (CA)

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