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Our mission

Each person is one of a kind - each with their own ideas, sense of style, and way of doing things. We know that it can be hard to find the right platform to be your '1of1' self - My1of1 is here to help you showcase your unique qualities, and empower everyone to be exactly who they are.

Mike Wilson


Our Story

Beginning in 2018, we were overwhelmed with the idea that everyone had something to say, and their own individual thoughts, feelings and personalities. With fashion being the most accessible tool, why not use it to express this individuality? Started by three friends in Orange County, CA, My1of1 aims to create an eco-system based on customized apparel so you can choose to be your 1of1 self all the time. Over the last three years, My1of1 has grown both online and through our community based initiatives in the education space and we're excited to continue. We currently reside in Newport Beach, CA so come say hello or chat with our team online with any questions! 

Who we are

Your number one Design Your Own Apparel brand

Why wear something that isn't exactly who you are? Why go searching for something you can make yourself? My1of1 is here.

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Why You'll Love Us

We're All About You

No matter your age, interests, or creative ability, My1of1 is here to help you express yourself. Our easy design studio and customized approach allows you to embrace the 1of1 attitude at every step, so you can wear exactly what you want to wear. There is no limit to your creativity!

Quality At Every Step

All My1of1 products are locally-sourced from the LA area and use either 100% cotton or a soft and durable poly-cotton blend for the best feel in any season. We stock only the trendiest styles, and are committed to using 100% recyclable packaging and quality products at every step. 

Empowering Creativity

My1of1 is all about you. Our customers being confident in their differences is what inspires our products and culture. With our innovative design software, you can run wild with creative freedom. We challenge you to tap into your creativity, and never settle for second best.