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Design Your Own Clothing

Each person is one of a kind - each with their own ideas, sense of style, and way of doing things. My1of1 is eager to showcase your unique qualities because we know that many people struggle to find the right platform to be their true '1of1' selves, and personal fashion is an accessible and relatable way to do this for everybody.

Started by three friends in Orange County, CA, we wanted to create an eco-system based on customized apparel so you can choose to be your 1of1 self all the time. With our online design platform, you can create custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other apparel that reflects who you truly are, and with our experiences and entrepreneur platforms you can take this to the next level. Over the last three years, My1of1 has grown both online and through our community based initiatives in the education space and we're excited to continue. We currently reside in Newport Beach, CA so come say hello or chat with our team online with any questions! 

Why wear something that isn't exactly who you are? Why go searching for something you can make yourself? My1of1 is here.

Create exactly what you want, whenever you want. Choose from hundreds of fonts, thousands of clip arts, image uploads, colors, and textures - complete creative freedom so you can be who you want.
Design Clothing Online
A direct-to-you My1of1 experience. Invite us to your party or event, or book us for one of our tailored student curriculumS. Your guests will leave with their designed product and a ton of memories! 
 Creative Student Workshop
The perfect platform for any aspiring entrepreneur or creative, My1of1 is here to empower you. Focus on the creativity, and we'll cover the rest - no start-up costs, no hassles.
 Create Your Own Apparel Online

For those of you new to the My1of1 movement, itching to design your next favorite piece of clothing, here's a few reason why we think you'll love it. 

We're All About You
No matter your age, interests, or creative ability, My1of1 is there to help you express yourself. Our easy-to-use design studio and customized approach allows you to embrace the 1of1 attitude at every step. Our apparel design tool lets you create the kind of clothes you want to wear. There is no limit to you creativity!

Design your own t-shirts

Quality At Every Step

We don't want you to just design apparel. We want you to enjoy it for years to come. Our products are locally-sourced from the Los Angeles area and use either 100% cotton or a soft and durable poly-cotton blend for the best feel in any season. Plus, My1of1 stocks only the top styles, and with our innovative design software, you can run wild with creative freedom. My1of1 is committed to using 100% recyclable packaging and quality products at every step

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Creativity and Empowerment

My1of1 is all about you. Our customers being confident in their differences is what inspires our products and culture. We challenge you to tap into your creativity, and never settle for second best. 

 Custom Apparel made by you