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My1of1 helps you create memorable events with design-your-own apparel booths that fit seamlessly at any themed event. We're available for your events as party booths, party vendors, event vendors, and youth workshops. Everyone walks away with a customized product and a one-of-a-kind experience.


Fashion Photo Booths - My1of1 Fashion Photo Booths use modern technology to take photos of your guests and put them onto t-shirts or other custom apparel in minutes! These booths are a perfect addition to entertain your guests and give them a valuable memory to walk away with. Express your creativity with custom apparel design.

Benefits of our Photo Booths:

  • Event attendees can choose themed props provided by us.
  • Participants can take a photo in front of the backdrop or a live photo studio.
  • Within minutes users can pick up their product with their photo on it.


Design Booths - These booths are perfect for parties and events. Participants can use our online design studio in a booth style setting, which brings the design-your-own-apparel experience to all in attendance. Participants will receive a custom-designed t-shirt that they can enjoy for years to come. My1of1’s design booths can be tailored to a theme, inspired by the event, or just allow attendees to create a custom t-shirt to remember the event.My1of1 sets up booths at events, with portable tablets and other apparel design tools.

Benefits of our Booths:

  • Event attendees can swing by the booth and design their own apparel on the tablets and be as creative as they want.
  • Once users are done designing the shirts, they can preview their custom products virtually.
  • Users can then share their designs on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook and checkout.
  • Participants wait for the printing to finish, or return in a few minutes to pick up their custom products.
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Are you a school or youth-based organization? Looking for a Creative Student Workshop? 

Learn more about our 1of1 Creativity & Entrepreneurship curriculum, perfect for your schools S.T.E.A.M. vision. Our creative student workshops are fun, informative, and give students a chance to get some hands-on experience with the fashion industry. Whether you're looking for youth workshops, party booths, party vendors, or student experiences for your school, My1of1 offers unforgettable experiences.

Remember! All 1of1 Experiences are completely customizable to your needs.

Contact us directly or fill out the quick form below, and the My1of1 team will be in contact within 24 hours to assist with any questions or confirm a booking.