1of1 Student Creativity & Entrepreneurship Program

Did you know that if it's not properly utilized, children lose 96% of their creativity by the time they're adults?

True to our ethos of furthering creativity and empowerment, My1of1 believes it starts from the beginning - our youth. That's why our team have consulted with experts to build a unique curriculum in line with the S.T.E.A.M vision, and have been partnering with K - 12th Grade schools, summer camps, after-school care and other youth organizations.

The 1of1 Student Creativity & Entrepreneurship program is a robust curriculum that teaches children how to utilize their creativity, develop unique ideas and build a business.

The Process

education program process

Choose between our 1-Tier, 3-Tier & 5-Tier program. In the 3-Tier & 5-Tier program, students dive deeper into developing creative ideas and building a brand of their own.
Once completed, each student gets the unique opportunity to start their own e-commerce brand through the 1of1 Entrepreneurs program, in which they can share their designs and earn some pocket money. 
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