UC Irvine’s and Cal State Dominguez Hills’ GEAR UP program joins forces with design-your-own-apparel company, My1of1 to offer students a unique creative experience

My1of1.com, a design-your-own-apparel company based in California, recently confirmed partnerships with UC Irvine and Cal State Dominguez Hills GEAR UP programs, hosting their unique 1of1 Student Creativity and Entrepreneurship Virtual Experience for multiple cohorts with the separate GEAR UP grants at each university. Taking place through a live virtual platform, the partnership will begin in June 2020 and run for 6 weeks, including multiple experiences in which students get the chance to engage repeatedly through a tiered program.

As part of the experience, the GEAR UP cohorts will engage in live interactive workshops that empower students to utilize their inner creativity, and learn about elements of branding and entrepreneurship. Using My1of1s innovative online design studio, each student will then be given the unique opportunity to design their own t-shirts, tank tops, tote bags and other accessories that they receive after, and even set up their own Brand Page on My1of1.com to start selling their products on an ongoing basis. 

“Our team at My1of1 is very excited about this upcoming partnership with GEAR UP cohorts at UC Irvine and Cal State Dominguez Hills as we’ve repeatedly seen the value of our program from student creativity and empowerment in the classroom!” states Co-Founder, Ahmon Metdals. “We were even more thrilled to hear that the students were excited when hearing of our process, and highlighted our program among other potential extracurricular activities.”

The 1of1 Student Creativity and Entrepreneurship Experience started to provide an engaging, fun and educational outlet for all students. Studies show that without regular creative stimulation, many adults lose over 98% of their creativity compared to when they were children. Through an accessible tool like fashion, My1of1 has developed a robust educational curriculum that allows students to explore their creativity in a non-traditional format and engage in the many facets of entrepreneurship. The program has been present in many Californian schools over the last few years, and has recently gone virtual in line with CDC regulations. 

This partnership ties into My1of1s core mission to inspire creativity in every individual and revolutionize the design-your-own-apparel concept by bringing it to popular culture, rather than as a bulk-order or corporate process like its competitors. The Student Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program is part of 1of1 Experiences - just one pillar of My1of1 that also hosts live apparel design experiences for events and parties. Alongside 1of1 Experiences is My1of1.com, an online ecommerce design studio for trendy customized apparel at affordable prices, and 1of1 Entrepreneurs, a drop-shipping service for aspiring entrepreneurs - this makes up the core of the My1of1 corporation. 

My1of1s three co-founders are young entrepreneurs themselves with multi-cultural backgrounds and experience in education, digital marketing and finance. Currently, My1of1 is working to finalize their virtual experiences among additional student cohorts throughout 2020, building new features on my1of1.com, and will be back hosting their 1of1 Experiences live in schools and events as CDC regulations open. To learn more, contact Michael Wilson by phone at (951) 241-6770 or by email at michael@my1of1.com.



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