The Myth Of Creativity & What You Can Do About It

The Myth Of Creativity & What You Can Do About It

We’ve all either heard it numerous times, or been the ones to say it: “ I’m just not a creative person”. Well, I’m here to tell you that this just isn’t possible.

According to a comprehensive study done in 1968 by George Land, every human being is born creative. The fact is that education, work and everyday life is not facilitating the exercising of this creativity, and therefore we’re seeing creativity slowly decrease over time. Results of the study actually found that children as young as age 5 have 98% creativity, while adults maintain just 2%. This explains why as kids, we often feel we were so creative and innovative.

So what can you do to keep your creativity levels up? You don’t have to be an accomplished musician, a trendy fashion designer or a highly conceptual artist to exercise creativity. In fact, there’s a lot of small things you can do on an everyday basis to keep the left side of your brain at peak performance.

1. Color For 30 Minutes

No, this recommendation is not just for children. Coloring may have been a pass-time when you were younger, but it can also be a quick and easy activity you can do as an adult to maintain creativity. Buy a coloring book and some nice pencils, and allot a time in the day to sit and color. You can make it a relaxing experience by listening to some music, lighting candles and even using essential oils and a foot spa.

2. Try A New Recipe

Whether you’re successful in the kitchen or not, cooking involves a lot of creativity. Instead of making the same thing that you’re comfortable cooking, why not cook something completely new? You’ll have to use some creativity in the process. If you’re feeling extra bold, try making something new without a recipe at all.

3. Focus On Building A Skill

In the creative world, there are so many skills to learn. Whether it’s music, drawing, painting, pottery, craft, photography, fashion design or anything else, each creative skills requires practice and dedication. If you’re looking to focus your creative time on something specific, try spending 15-30 minutes a day building one skill.

4. Start A Visual Journal

This is a simple and fun way of being regular about your creativity. And the best news? You get a comprehensive account of all your memories. Start by making a habit of keeping little collectibles from every experience each day, and match that with some glue, colored markers and a trendy book, and then set aside 15 minutes each day to put together your entry for the day.

5. Take More Photos

With life moving so fast these days, capturing moments can be hard. Make a habit of taking more photos every day. You can experiment with different angles and layouts, zoom in and zoom out, and then use an app to add your favorite filters and edits. This is a quick and easy way to stay creative.

6. Take On A Project

If you’re looking to make a real change, why not challenge yourself with a new project? It could be renovating your home, decorating your bedroom wall, or something smaller like creating a wall-art or collage. Spend 30 minutes each day chipping away at the project and feel a sense of accomplishment once you’re done.

The myth of creativity is that some are born creative and some are not - this is simply not true. With studies showing that everyone is born creative, and that maintaining creativity can have dramatic health benefits, make sure to spend some regular time exercising your creativity.


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